What is WordPress? 10 things to get you started


WordPress is an Open Source blogging platform, that actually makes a very flexible and affordable Content Management System for a website. Because it’s Open Source it’s free which means no software licensing costs, and it’s arguably becoming one of the most widely used and developed packages on the internet.

So why use it?

Well here are 10 things you may want to consider:

1 ) It’s FREE. That’s right, it’s FREE. If you want to get started in the world of blogging, why not create a free blog at WordPress.org. It’s a fully hosted service and there are a range of templates to choose from. In order to gain the most benefit within the search engines, consider hosting it as part of your website, however, it this isn’t an issue, why not choose the free WordPress.org option?

2 ) It’s customisable. WordPress as standard has a lot of really useful functionality, such as Pages, Category, Blog Posts (articles), a good search system and tagging, however if you need something else there
are hundreds of additional features you can install called “plug-ins”

3 ) Need a shop? No problem, there’s a plug-in for it! There are also plug-ins for PayPal, SagePay and many other popular payment gateways.

4 ) It’s search engine accessible. With its tagging, categorisation and “search engine friendly” links, it’s a firm favourite with Google. There’s also an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plug-in that helps you change page titles and meta tagging information.

5 ) It’s easy to use. The text editor is very simple and intuitive and with some basic training, you can productive very quickly. You can also upload videos, files and pictures as well as preview your changes before they go live.

6 ) It has RSS built in. RSS is Really Simple Syndication. This is a text/XML based format that is widely supported as the standard method of exchanging article based content across the internet.

7 ) Easy to link to other Social Media platform. Using WordPress’ support for RSS, it’s simple to link your WordPress blog or website to all the common social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

8 ) Well supported. With more and more developers creating and using plug-ins, and more and more web design companies using it as their Content Management Software of choice it makes a lot of sense to choose WordPress over proprietary software that can be difficult to maintain and leave you tied in to your web developer.

9 ) Built in Search Feature. This is quite often a fiddly and costly feature to write in to a website, but WordPress has it built in, and it works!

10 ) WE USE IT! Well, we think that’s a good reason. We’ve built dozens of WordPress sites and plug-ins, and it’s just so simple, and what’s more our customer’s love it too!
We also run free Workshops on WordPress, so if you want to learn how to use it, or simply want to see it in action, why not book yourself on one today?