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8 New FREE Workshops for July and August

Due to the popularity of our Free Workshops, we’re pleased to announce 8 new workshops for July and August on Facebook, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimsation, Social Media and more…

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What is WAI Compliance for your website, and why do you need to know?

Many website owners either aren’t aware of WAI or brush over with limited understanding, but in some cases you could be breaking the law. We look at WAI compliance and how it may affect your website.

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is your e-marketing legal? If you’ve never considered it, read on…

In today’s online world it’s common practice to build mailing lists, capture information and try and communicate with your contacts, but are you keeping within the law?

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The truth behind Link Building; how to build your business both online and offline.

When promoting your website and looking to win new business using the internet, the subject of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is always a hot topic. The common expectation is that being number one in the Google listings for the key phrase of your choice is the only answer. We look at link building and what’s really involved…

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Selling online? Distance Selling Regulations explained…

The minute you stop dealing with your customers “face to face”, you may well be involved in “Distance Selling”, which brings with it an obligation to comply with a whole raft of regulations!

We explain the basics…

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Some useful new free workshops

Due to the popularity of our Google Analytics Workshops, we’re pleased to announce 5 new workshops including WordPress, e-commerce, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation and Copy Writing for the web.

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A Facebook page for your business isn’t worth it…or is it?

Facebook tends to attract people in a personal rather than professional capacity, therefore social or consumer driven marketing has always traditionally worked well.
But what about Business to Business? Surely there’s no point, it would never work?
Here’s what happened when we tried it…

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10 Reasons Websites don’t rank in Google Pt8: Inaccessible links

When Google visits your site, it can only find its way from page to page by following the links that it finds on each page. If these links are hidden, buried too deep in your page’s source code or contain Javascript code, these could be a serious barrier. So how can you avoid this?…

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We’re recruiting a new Senior WordPress Developer

Are you the leading authority with WordPress? If you are, we want to meet you! We’re recruiting a talented WordPress specialist to work in our talented team of developers and designers creating some of the best websites on the web. Applicants should be familiar with: Using, customising and writing Plug-ins Customising templates PHP/MySql E-commerce gateways […]

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10 Things to consider before trading online: part 3

With online shopping becoming more and more popular, building an online shop can be an excellent way to generate additional revenue. Many businesses fail or struggle to make an impact online.
We look at part 3 of how you can avoid the most common mistakes.

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