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10 Years in Web Design, a look back to 2004

As FL1 Group reaches its 10th Birthday in 2014, we look back at how our industry has changed since 2004?

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Create a Useful Windows Desktop using Windows Vista Desktop Gadgets

If you’re a regular Windows Vista or Windows 7 user, or even new to these platforms, you may have noticed the Desktop Gadgets. These are the little programs that sit on the right-hand side of your desktop in the Windows Side-bar. Typically there’s a calendar, clock and a picture viewer to name a few. You […]

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Should I upgrade to Windows 7?

If you’ve been holding off on buying a new computer, Microsoft Windows 7 will be a good excuse to get back into the game. And if you’ve been weighing a Mac versus a Windows PC, then you should know that "7" pushes the scales on the Windows side. But should you upgrade your aging computer, […]

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Google to launch their own operating system

Google is developing an open-source operating system targeted at small laptops and netbooks which will be released later this year. The OS, which will carry the same “Chrome” name as the company’s browser, is expected to begin appearing on netbook computers in the second half of 2010, Google said in a blog post.

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