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A Social Media Case Study?

We’ve been talking at seminars throughout the county and in London for some time about Social Media and have seen first-hand how it has benefitted our business. By Social Media, I refer to the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging to name a few. But here’s a slightly different use for it. Over […]

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Is online shopping in turmoil?

Despite the recession, it seems that internet shopping is one area where spending is on the increase. Although there are conflicting reports about the actual amount being spent online there seems little doubt that people are increasingly turning to the internet to find a bargain. On the face of it this is good news for […]

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Marketing in the credit crunch

Top Tips for improved results and reduced costs Marketing processes 1. Really get to know your BEST customers – profile their characteristics in detail and then go, find similar ones! 2. Communicate regularly with your customers: current customers, potential customers but particularly lapsed customers. Newsletters and emails are great but can you find other methods […]

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