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10 reasons to start blogging

Ever considered what a blog is, why you need one and how your business could benefit?
Here’s some reasons you may want to consider before taking the plunge in to the world of “blogging”

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5 tips to improve your blog and engage your reader

You’re a natural blogger and can always think of lots of engaging articles to write, not only that you’ve always got time to blog. Is that you? It’s certainly not me, and it’s certainly not most people who have a blog, so how can life be made easier? Make a series You’ve probably thought of […]

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Advanced Social Media Seminar, Friday 26th November, 2 places left

Blogs, Pods and Wikis is a fun and un-techie seminar that will introduce you to some of the new, advanced social media marketing tools that businesses like yours are using to expand. Next generation social media tools have bought huge opportunities for small companies to compete nationally or internationally with large organisations. Many of these […]

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Is there anybody there? six reasons why no-one is commenting on your blog posts

1. not enough traffic to your blog/website Like all communications and marketing, if people do not know about your content they won’t be able to participate. There are very few shortcuts to building significant traffic levels but the most consistent solution is an email database. It takes time to grow your own list but quality […]

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The seven golden rules of social media

It is critical to start by evaluating whether social media is right for your business. Just because a marketing tool exists it does not mean that you have to use it! Think about where social media could fit into your business strategy. Often with new marketing techniques there is a risk of running ahead of […]

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Why start blogging?

Why should you blog? Because it is a key marketing tool now for businesses of all sizes. In general terms if you blog you are perceived as an expert – important for PR and brand building. You can create a dialogue with your customers and you can impart news and industry information. Blogging improves search […]

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Are you in a relationship?

That’s quite a question isn’t it? Niall used to tell me about how turning up at a potential customer wearing his leathers would instantly start a conversation, relax the meeting and start building a relationship. He often found that more often than not, the person he met used to be or still a biker, and […]

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