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SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act ) and PIPA (Protect IP Act), what’s all the fuss about?

You may have heard people talking/blogging/twittering about SOPA — the Stop Online Piracy Act and PIPA (Protect IP Act), but what’s it really all about?

We take a look to see how it will impact the internet the whole world over.

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Your first website and Google, so what happens next?

So you’ve built your first website, and you want to get found in Google.
If you’re not sure what happens and how it all works, then read on…

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Google’s Panda update downgrades UK tech sites, Affiliate sites and Content Farms

Google is well known for implementing new search algorithms within its search technology.
A recent update called Panda has changed the game for many website owners, most notably those that use affiliate links to other websites.

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8 New FREE Workshops for July and August

Due to the popularity of our Free Workshops, we’re pleased to announce 8 new workshops for July and August on Facebook, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimsation, Social Media and more…

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5 Reasons to consider a Facebook Page for your Business

Facebook pages are a new thing by any stretch of the imagination, however it’s only recently that they’ve really come in to their own and started becoming popular for all businesses large and small.

If you think it’s just a gimmick and can’t see how having a presence for your business on Facebook is going to work, think again!

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What is WordPress? 10 things to get you started

WordPress is an Open Source blogging platform, that actually makes a very flexible and affordable Content Management System for a website. Because it’s Open Source it’s free which means no software licensing costs, and it’s arguably becoming one of the most widely used and developed packages on the internet. So why use it?

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Some useful new free workshops

Due to the popularity of our Google Analytics Workshops, we’re pleased to announce 5 new workshops including WordPress, e-commerce, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation and Copy Writing for the web.

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A Facebook page for your business isn’t worth it…or is it?

Facebook tends to attract people in a personal rather than professional capacity, therefore social or consumer driven marketing has always traditionally worked well.
But what about Business to Business? Surely there’s no point, it would never work?
Here’s what happened when we tried it…

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10 reasons to start blogging

Ever heard of blogging? Think it’s just a fad and it won’t help your business at all?
Think again! Here are just a few ideas on how a Blog can really work with your website and build your business.

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How to respond when Social Media Attacks Your Brand

No business is perfect and you can’t expect to please everyone all the time, so the best trick is to be prepared for how to handle things if your company finds itself under attack in the social realm. Here are three examples of companies who were attacked by social media and how they handled the situation…

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