Web Apps.

The future of the web.

What are Web Apps?

So what even is a Web App (or Web Application)?

Simply put, it’s a highly functional piece of software that uses website technology to run online.

If you’ve ever used a booking site, online banking, a price comparison site or even sites like Spotify or Facebook, then you’re using one or a series of Web Applications.

So, is a Web App just a fancy website?

Kind of yes, but the key differences are, they’re like to have a high level of interaction, implement a login and security system, and rely on 3rd party data sources through APIs to read and write data.

A good example of a Web App might be something like a price comparison site, that offers dozens of interactive questions and filters, to then query dozens of external sites to retrieve their best quotes.

Our Solutions.

For building Web Apps, we use React, React Native, NextJS, NodeJS, Amazon AWS and Google Firebase, which are well suited for this kind of build.

If you’re looking for any of the following, drop us a line and we’ll have a chat:

  • Interactive Booking process
  • Price comparison or quote generation
  • Training and e-learning on your phone
  • Complex online shops
  • Specialist reporting and dashboards
  • Events with online booking
  • Onboarding or customer questionnaires
  • Custom calendar integrations and booking systems
  • Online Video Microsoft Teams/Zoom style platforms
  • OCR and Data processing Apps
  • Interactive quizzes and games