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The Web Design Jargon Buster

Ever wanted to know the difference between a Widget and a Wireframe, a CTA from a CSS? With our Web Design Jargon Buster, your wait is finally over…

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We’re at the B2B Marketing Expo, London 11-12 May 2016

Come and see FL1 Digital at the B2B Marketing Expo, London on 11-12 May 2016.
Drop-in training sessions, and Website clinics running over the course of 2 days.

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17 Common SEO Myths

Think you’re all up to date with how Google works? We look at 17 Common SEO Myths when it comes to Search Engine Optimising your website.

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How Social Media Management Tools can help your business

If you tend to avoid Social Media because it takes up too much time, you might want to stop and take a look at this first…

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Top Tips for Websites Designed around Large Images

The concept of using large-scale images in web design has been in use for some time, but there is a definite trend in their use at present, with more and more websites being designed around large image backgrounds. This can have both benefits and drawbacks for your website, and there are several things worth considering […]

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Workshop Week – October 22nd – 25th!

It’s Workshop Week from FL1 Group. SEO, WordPress, Social Media, Google, Start-ups, Book Keeping, all from £20 in St Albans, Hertfordshire, London

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How to write a web design brief

There’s a well known saying – Failing to plan, is planning to fail. A badly scoped web design project is no exception, and without a clear well thought through brief could be a costly mistake. With a few basics, you can protect your business, keep budgets on track and ensure the project runs smoothly and to plan.

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How to Search Engine Optimise your website: 5 Steps to get you started

How to Search Engine Optimise your website: 5 Steps to get you started.
Many businesses have high expectations for their websites being found in Google, and good Search Engine Rankings can take time and cost money. We look at some basics to get you started.

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