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Preparing to trade online: 10 things to consider

1) Build Costs Many businesses looking to start trading online under-estimate the amount of work and preparation that is involved in setting up a good quality online shop. In some respects the building of the website is the easy part, it’s setting up the content including products and images that takes the real time. Having […]

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.com .co.uk .london…yep, we’re talking domains and extensions!

Ever found yourself stuck when choosing the right domain name for your business? Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with the choice of new domain extensions out there? We break it down and start with the basics in this blog post.

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Generating New Business: An Introduction to Landing Pages

Looking to use your website to generate new leads? Our Introduction to Landing Pages looks at Landing pages as an effective way of generating New Business.

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Collect genuine customers reviews, a look at Feefo Reviews

The only opinion that counts is your customers, so why not let your customer’s reviews work harder for you? We look at Feefo’s new reviewing platform…

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How to make a website internationally friendly, 5 things to get you started

For many businesses, reaching an international market is a logical and sometimes vital step to growing your business. We look at how to make a website internationally friendly with 5 things to get you started

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Google Chrome to label some sites “not secure” from January 2017

Google announced Chrome will begin labelling HTTP connections that feature passwords or credit card forms as non-secure. But what could that mean for you?

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The Web Design Jargon Buster

Ever wanted to know the difference between a Widget and a Wireframe, a CTA from a CSS? With our Web Design Jargon Buster, your wait is finally over…

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Inspectlet review: Watch people using your website

Ever wandered if you could watch people using your website to see what they do?
Now you can. Read more with our Inspectlet Review.

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Before your next marketing campaign: what is Google URL Builder?

Thinking of paying for advertising or running an email marketing campaign.
We take a look at what is Google URL Builder and why you should use it.

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Google steps up its preference for Mobile websites

Google steps up its preference for Mobile websites with changes to its search algorithm. Find out more about the changes and what it means to your site

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