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WordPress in Numbers, WordPress Statistics for 2013

Without a doubt, WordPress is the fastest-growing and most popular content management system in the world! Here’s the latest statistics about WordPress in 2013…

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Jason Sammon interviewed on Radio Verulam, St Albans

Listeners to St Albans radio station Radio Varulam would have heard FL1’s own Jason Sammon talking about 10 years on the web, Twitter and starting your own website. If you missed the show, now’s your chance to listen in…

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Twitter Jargon Buster, The Complete Guide to Twitter Lingo

When it comes to Twitter, do you know your DMs from your RTs?
If not, you need to read the Twitter Jargon Buster!…

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Have you got a Twitter feed on your website?

If your website has a Twitter Feed or widget, you might have found that it’s about to stop working! Twitter’s rolling out a new version of it’s API which will break compatibility for many websites displaying Tweets. Here’s what’s changing…

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An insight in to Website security – Interview with a Hacker (Blackhat)

Ever wondered why hackers do what they do?
This Interview with a website hacker gives a startling insight…

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10 quick Social Media Tips for Networkers

If you’ve ever attended or been a member of a Business Networking Group, you’ll know the value of meeting other business owners and building relationships.

But how about Social Networking?

Here are a few tips to help you work online to compliment what you do offline…

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Live Chat on your website, is it worth it?

Ever seen those pop-up Live chat features on websites? Ever thought about adding one to yours? Here’s what you might expect…

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Whats new in LinkedIn?

Regular LinkedIn users will have seen that Linkedin has changed significantly over the last few months. Not only does it look different but a number of features have disappeared while others have arrived.

Here is a brief review of six areas on LinkedIn of which every professional should be aware…

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How to Search Engine Optimise your website: 5 Steps to get you started

How to Search Engine Optimise your website: 5 Steps to get you started.
Many businesses have high expectations for their websites being found in Google, and good Search Engine Rankings can take time and cost money. We look at some basics to get you started.

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St Albans Networking Group, November 19th, Business and workplace disputes – talk or fight?

The St Albans Networking Group is meeting again on Monday November 19th at 7:00pm. This month; Business and workplace disputes – talk or fight?
Entrance is FREE, and the event is at the County Club, 29 Ridgmont Road, St Albans AL1 3AG. Read more…

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