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10 Things to consider before trading online: part 1

With online shopping becoming more and more popular, building an online shop can be an excellent way to generate additional revenue. Many businesses fail or struggle to make an impact online.
We look at part 1 of how you can avoid the most common mistakes.

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A beginners guide to domain names

Need a Web address, but not sure where to begin? This simple beginners guide will give you the basics and give you everything you to know about registering your first Domain Name.

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How to respond when Social Media Attacks Your Brand

No business is perfect and you can’t expect to please everyone all the time, so the best trick is to be prepared for how to handle things if your company finds itself under attack in the social realm. Here are three examples of companies who were attacked by social media and how they handled the situation…

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Get the Inside Knowledge on Your Website FREE!

A key part of making any business work is being to measure its performance and make effective decisions on your findings.

Using tools such as Google Analytics, it’s possible to see what’s working and more importantly not working with your website.

Like to learn all about Google Analytics, read on…

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What programming language is your website developed in, and why should you care?

Do you know what technology was used when building your website?

Does it really matter?

Whether you’ve thought about it or not, it’s knowing the facts about how it could effect your business…

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10 reasons to start blogging

Ever considered what a blog is, why you need one and how your business could benefit?
Here’s some reasons you may want to consider before taking the plunge in to the world of “blogging”

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Predictions for 2010 and beyond from the Marketing department

Advergaming Advergaming is the use of video games to advertise a product or service or to promote a viewpoint. First seen in the early years of the last decade, advergaming is becoming increasing popular with companies and organisations of all sizes. Games are often the most visited aspect of large brand websites (e.g. Campbell’s Soup […]

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Why do you need a website?

It sounds obvious, but so often we speak to people who assume they’re going to build the biggest website possible, they’re going to rank number 1 in Google the next day and it’s going to magically transform their business. The reality is often a different thing unless this question is thought through and applied carefully. […]

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5 Tips to help you in business in 2010

As a Director of a small business for five years I don’t consider myself an expert in business, however as someone with a technical background and a relative newcomer over the past few years, like many businesses I’ve found many challenges. Here are a few ideas and things that I have done that have certainly […]

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Advanced Social Media Seminar, Friday 26th November, 2 places left

Blogs, Pods and Wikis is a fun and un-techie seminar that will introduce you to some of the new, advanced social media marketing tools that businesses like yours are using to expand. Next generation social media tools have bought huge opportunities for small companies to compete nationally or internationally with large organisations. Many of these […]

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