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Is there anybody there? six reasons why no-one is commenting on your blog posts

1. not enough traffic to your blog/website Like all communications and marketing, if people do not know about your content they won’t be able to participate. There are very few shortcuts to building significant traffic levels but the most consistent solution is an email database. It takes time to grow your own list but quality […]

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Twitter and Google, a marriage made in search heaven?

Times are a-changing at Twitter – it’s become a serious player in social media. According to Twitter’s blog, they have "partnered with Google to index the entire world of public tweets as fast as possible and present them to their users in an organized and relevant fashion"

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10 Reasons Websites don’t rank in Google Pt5: Poor inbound links (Search Engine/Link PR)

Link PR is the value of having other relevant websites linking to your website. For example, with two websites that are identical, the website with 50 relevant links to the website will always rank higher than an identical website without any links.

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Computer security tips

The openness of the Internet has dramatically transformed global communications, making it possible for people around the world to easily exchange information. But the very same openness also creates an enormous problem. Anyone can access the network, yet not everyone has good intentions. Some engage in malicious mischief by unleashing destructive software programs, while others […]

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