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8 New FREE Workshops for July and August

Due to the popularity of our Free Workshops, we’re pleased to announce 8 new workshops for July and August on Facebook, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimsation, Social Media and more…

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Seven Ways to Raise Your Local Business Listing Rank in Google

Google Local Business Listings are different than organic or pay-per-click listings.
They typically only show up when the user types a service oriented business followed by the location for their search. A large map from Google Maps appears alongside up to ten URLs with a phone number by each.
But how do they work and how can you get the most out of them?

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5 Reasons to consider a Facebook Page for your Business

Facebook pages are a new thing by any stretch of the imagination, however it’s only recently that they’ve really come in to their own and started becoming popular for all businesses large and small.

If you think it’s just a gimmick and can’t see how having a presence for your business on Facebook is going to work, think again!

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is your e-marketing legal? If you’ve never considered it, read on…

In today’s online world it’s common practice to build mailing lists, capture information and try and communicate with your contacts, but are you keeping within the law?

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The truth behind Link Building; how to build your business both online and offline.

When promoting your website and looking to win new business using the internet, the subject of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is always a hot topic. The common expectation is that being number one in the Google listings for the key phrase of your choice is the only answer. We look at link building and what’s really involved…

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What is WordPress? 10 things to get you started

WordPress is an Open Source blogging platform, that actually makes a very flexible and affordable Content Management System for a website. Because it’s Open Source it’s free which means no software licensing costs, and it’s arguably becoming one of the most widely used and developed packages on the internet. So why use it?

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Beginners Guide to Google Base/Product Feeds

In the world of ecommerce if you’re not taking advantage of Google Product Feeds/Base then you’re missing a huge trick. We look at how the basics of Google Base/Feeds work.

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10 Reasons Websites don’t rank in Google Pt8: Inaccessible links

When Google visits your site, it can only find its way from page to page by following the links that it finds on each page. If these links are hidden, buried too deep in your page’s source code or contain Javascript code, these could be a serious barrier. So how can you avoid this?…

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A beginners guide to domain names

Need a Web address, but not sure where to begin? This simple beginners guide will give you the basics and give you everything you to know about registering your first Domain Name.

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10 Reasons Websites don’t rank in Google Pt8: Domain name age

One question which is often asked is how important is the age of a domain name (web address) when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation? A new domain name lacks credibility and history with Google, so is an old domain name the answer?

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