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Inspectlet review: Watch people using your website

Ever wandered if you could watch people using your website to see what they do?
Now you can. Read more with our Inspectlet Review.

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Before your next marketing campaign: what is Google URL Builder?

Thinking of paying for advertising or running an email marketing campaign.
We take a look at what is Google URL Builder and why you should use it.

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Google steps up its preference for Mobile websites

Google steps up its preference for Mobile websites with changes to its search algorithm. Find out more about the changes and what it means to your site

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17 Common SEO Myths

Think you’re all up to date with how Google works? We look at 17 Common SEO Myths when it comes to Search Engine Optimising your website.

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Russian Hackers Release 5 Million Gmail Usernames and Passwords Online

Russian Hackers have 5 Million Gmail Usernames and Passwords Online for all to see.

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How Social Media Management Tools can help your business

If you tend to avoid Social Media because it takes up too much time, you might want to stop and take a look at this first…

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10 Years in Web Design, a look back to 2004

As FL1 Group reaches its 10th Birthday in 2014, we look back at how our industry has changed since 2004?

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Jason Sammon interviewed on Radio Verulam, St Albans

Listeners to St Albans radio station Radio Varulam would have heard FL1’s own Jason Sammon talking about 10 years on the web, Twitter and starting your own website. If you missed the show, now’s your chance to listen in…

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Building and Preserving a Good Social Media Reputation

There’s a lot to be said about having a great reputation as a brand. Moreover, there’s a lot to be said about having a bad one. Just look at a huge brand like Domino’s. They’re doing okay in 2013, but it wasn’t that long ago when viral videos and bad reviews had the entire brand reeling, with those in charge contemplating abandoning ship. Yeah; it was that bad.

As a much smaller brand operating on social networking sites like Facebook, a bad reputation is something you may not be able to bounce back from. So it’s incredibly important that you focus your efforts on building and maintaining a good reputation, from your posts and products to your public relations.

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What is Google Webmaster Tools?

What is Google Webmaster Tools?
Ever wandered what it is, what it does, or even if you need it?
These tools are essential for any website owner, so find out why…

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